Protect yourself from cell phones emf by cieaura holographic chips

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EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) have been widely looked into and inquiries regarding cellular phone radiation safety are looked at unclear. Several research groups from several countries report a greater risk of creating brain and salivary glandular cancer among high-volume, long-lasting cellular phone users compared to people that use cell phones less typically. Some other research groups have discovered that cellular phone radiation might trigger severe problems in kids, spur neurological changes in adults, and even damage sperm. A research at UCLA discovered a connection between antenatal exposure to cellular phone radiation and behavior problems in kids (Divan 2008). Experts have discovered an enhanced risk for Alzheimer's disease connected with electro-magnetic radiation (Huss 2009). A recent Danish study reported an enhanced risk for neurological indicators such as migraine headache and vertigo for cellular phone users (Schuz 2009).

To thwart your cellular phone's emissions and strengthen your body's natural resistance to EMFs, position a Cellular phone Chip on the back of your cellular phone or cellular phone cover. Some people opt to position a Cellular phone Chip inside their phone on their battery. You could also position a Bluetooth Chip on any kind of Bluetooth device, including your cellular phone. Do not maintain the Chips in your pocket as they are turned on when they come within two inches of your body. As soon as the Chips are positioned away from the body or device, they are not active and the remaining life span is readily available for future use. Avoid tough magnetic fields as they could damage the Chips.

* 6 Chips every pack and each Chip lasts regarding 4-8 weeks
* Counteracts your cellular phone's emissions and fortifies your body's natural resistance to EMFs
* Works with all mobile phone
* Works with any kind of Bluetooth gadget

Benefits and Safety Tips:

Using the speaker phone minimizes radiation to the head as do head sets which send out dramatically less radiation compared to cell phones.

Use the CieAura EMF Chip and change it every 4 to 8 weeks. The EMF Chip counteracts your cellular phone's emissions and strengthens the body's natural resistance to EMFs which take place from cell phones, particularly in concentrated areas of the body, such as your ears and brain.

When possible, send messages rather than talk; it takes less power to deliver a text than to deliver a voice message (talk) meaning less radiation. Also, texting keeps radiation away from your head.

Far fewer signal bars on your phone means that it leaves out more radiation attempting to get the signal to the tower. Take or make telephone calls when your phone has a tough signal. If you have a weak signal, STAY OFF THE PHONE.

Analysts in the USA, France and Japan have reported that kids's brains soak up two times as much radiation compared to adults due to kids's thinner skulls and due to their brains much higher water and ion (charged particle) content, all aspects which enhance radiation penetration. We advise limiting your kid's phone use.

Radiation covers such as antenna caps or keypad covers minimize the connection quality and force the mobile phone to send at a greater power with much higher radiation.