Doing The Spray Tanning Thing

The airbrush spray tan relies on a system that includes a portable unit with all the adjacent equipment necessary for the tanning procedure: exfoliants, moisturizers, air brush tanning solution, air brush compressors and tan extenders. Each of these items have a special part in the treatment applied to the skin, and the ultimate result is a beautiful natural-looking tan that will last for more than ten days. The only difference between the airbrush spray tan and the tanning booth is found in the spraying devices. A compressor is operated by a technician who will spread a fine mist on the body. Psychic Review / Best Psychic.

During the airbrush spray tan session you should protect the lips, the eyes and the nose. The tanning effects will appear within a few hours after the application, but you should not shower during this interval in order to keep the active agents on the skin surface. Body exfoliation will improve the quality of the tan if you perform it before applying the tanner. Therefore, make sure to remove the dead skin cells that can spoil the tanned look by creating streaks and stains. Psychic Review / Best Psychic.

Fake suntan does not act as a protection against the ultraviolets, and even if the airbrush spray tan solution contains a complex cocktail of substances, it has no protective function whatsoever. You will still need a sunscreen when you go outdoors, in order to keep the damaging effect of the sunrays away from you. There is no other better way to care for your skin, because the brown tanned look is superficial Focus Factor and it does not reflect the state of melanin production, look Focus Factor. Apply a thin film of sunscreen and you will be safe. Skin health therefore equals a good look and youth at the same time. Psychic Review / Best Psychic.

Airbrush spray tan is a lot safer to use as compared to sun exposure. Studies have indicated no toxicity at all in the tanning agents, however, caution is recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. So far, there are no conclusive studies on the impact of DHA on small infants and unbron babies. Otherwise, airbrush spray tan brings the advantage of browning the skin quickly without the sunburn inconvenience. Moreover, skin dryness and wrinkle formation will not be a problem for such cosmetic treatments either.